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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Under the Sea Me Mobile

Another activity that I did this past summer with one of my groups of boys entering second through third grade was a self-esteem activity based off of a previous lesson that I blogged about last year (Self-Esteem Me Mobiles). I wanted to tweak the activity to be a little more 'boy friendly' as well as incorporate a little summer flare to it as well. So I chose to use a wave and sea animals instead of the clouds, hot air balloons and rainbows in the original version. I just googled different animal images (sea turtle, jelly fish, whale, dolphin, sea horse, star fish, crab and nemo clown fish) on google images with the settings of drawing and kids to find all of these images (sea turtle example). The ocean wave I drew myself based off of a colored version I found online that I really liked, but you could easily just find a black and white coloring version to use too! Some kids could do all the cutting on their own, others needed some help and one or two needed a lot more assistance with the cutting as some of the animals were quite intricate with lots of legs! I had a slightly diverse group of kids abilities, but you can easily base your chosen sea animals based off of the skill level of your kids if you want them to be able to do all the cutting themselves.

As for the words that are written on each animal I followed the same questions as I used previously however, I also added a couple extras such as name something you are really good at and name your favorite game or activity.

The boys seemed to really enjoy the activity and were really excited to bring home their finished products!

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Monday, August 3, 2015


So this summer I had 2 groups of boys entering Kindergarten through 1st grade at summer camp/school. I try to keep it fun over the summer with the different groups! We did an entire unit related to MONSTERS with different activities that I found. The first activity went great with the students and it was FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers seller Growing-Kinders. The activity is called Monster Fun! Teaching Manners and Expectations and the kids absolutely loved it!

I broke the activities up over a few days. The first day I had the kids sort out together if the monster manners were Above the Line, Below the Line or Bottom Line choices and each kid would bring one up to my intern who acted as Vanna White to pin them up. The kids wanted to come up with some of their own to so I used the blank monsters that were provided to add even more to our Monster Manners collection! We also did the Whole Body Listening activity one day that was also provided and the students then drew their own monster Making a Good Choices at School. Like I said, the kids LOVED all the monster activities!

Another day we played the game Angry Monster Machine. The kids (sometimes with adult help) used play-doh to make a monster with the mold from the game. They then had to demonstrate different ways to handle their anger by following a prompt and demonstrating by turning their play-doh monster into something else. For instance, turning your monster into a musical instrument because turning on some music is a strategy for calming yourself down when angry.

Finally, we ended our monster theme by reading Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley together. One group made different monster masks with a paper plate craft I found on, they could choose from all the different monsters (glad, sad, mad, silly, scary, loving and worried). This was a really cute activity and the kids loved it, but it was a lot of cutting out of intricate shapes so I only ended up doing it with one of the two groups.

With the other group I did a slightly different activity, also found on We used the coloring pages and each student picked a different monster and colored them. Some students wanted to use the exact colors of the monster from Glad Monster, Sad Monster while others wanted to make their monster uniquely their own creation. Either way the kids loved the monster activities! One boy even asked me today if we were doing more monster activities, even though we finished up 2 weeks ago!!

It is amazing all the different resources you can find online if you just spend a little time searching! Thanks everyone for sharing all the great ideas and resources!
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Board Games ... Part 2

I pulled out this game last week during the first week of summer school because it is one of my 'go to' board games with kids for social skills. It is called What Do You Say ... What Do You Do ... At School? by Super Duper and I used it with a group that ranged from students entering grades 1 through 6 (talk about a white range!!).  They also have a Community version which I use with my students as well, but I definitely use the school version more often! There is also a Home version but I haven't used it before.

During the game, the students roll the colored die to go through all the different areas of school. There are classrooms, a lunchroom, school offices (including nurse and counseling offices), specials (art, gym, music, computers, library and resource room) as well as around school locations like the hallway, auditorium, bus/walker lines and of course the playground! 

Students will go to the school locations and answer a question related to where they are in  school and earn a colored chip when the answer the questions cards correctly. The goal is to collect all of the colors to win the game, the tricky part is students may roll on a color more than once so they may end up going to a school location more than once. This helps students deal with not always winning and to be flexible when things don't go their way. I like this game because of the variety of questions (390 to be exact!) that are actually realistic scenarios that students actually encounter in their daily lives. In addition, the kids really enjoy choosing which location to go to (believe me the love to go to the bathroom and answer those questions!)

The price of the game is $54.95 from the Super Duper. Although this may seem expensive at first, I do think it is the going price for quality counseling games and I personally think this one is worth the money because you will use it often.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Board Games ... Part 1

So I know board games are not the most creative thing in the world for me to blog about, but let's be honest kids love them so I use them at school frequently to teach different skills! So I thought I would do a mini-series of blog posts about some of my favorite board games that I use with students. I would just like to preface this with a side-note that as with everything I and you use in your office things need to be modified and adapted to fit your needs, nothing is perfect! I am not reviewing these board games in any particular order, instead I chose Blunders because I just played it on Friday afternoon at school!
Current version of the game

Blunders is a board game about manners and is based on the family the Blunder's, Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder to be specific! I assign each student a member of the Blunder family as their playing piece (there is a little booklet in the game that tells you some background on each of the 4 kids, as well as their age) and ask them to find start. As the students travel through the game board I pose them with questions from 3 different categories: Home, Dine and Play depending on the spot they land on. The questions are either multiple choice, scenario or charades. I sometimes give the multiple choice options to my students depending on whether or not I think they could answer the question on their own. I do tend to always share the multiple choice options afterwards though because there tends to always be one option that is very funny/off the wall that makes the students laugh!

The Dine cards sometimes use some of the Table Setting Cards (fork, spoon, knife, main course plate, glass, etc.) to help teach students proper manners for setting the table. Although, this is not something they need to do in school I think it is always helpful to expose students to it because let's be honest it is not something we always use on a regular basis these days. Don't worry they provide an example of a 'proper' table setting for you to refer to in case you forget some of the answers too!

I think the most helpful part of this game are the charade questions because the students need to act out the situations they are provided. Some of the ones that stand out in my mind are answering the door at home and greeting someone and answering the phone at home when/if mom or dad is not available (in the shower I think is the example on the card). Although these may seem very basic to you I find they are not and that is why these 2 stand out in my mind because students tend to struggle with some of these concepts! It is always most helpful and interesting when students need to act something out instead of verbally just telling you an answer!
This is an older version of the game board that I own and use. Purple spaces are Dine questions, Orange are Home questions and Green are Play questions. 

According to the Patch Products website the board game focuses on the following:

  • Table Manners
  • Host and Guest Skills
  • Confident Introductions
  • Respect and Kindness
  • Telephone Manners
  • School Etiquette
  • Electronic Etiquette (this is not in my version, but once again I have an older version of this game. I think this is a great addition though!)
  • Honesty and Responsibility

     One of the best parts about this game is the price!! It retails for $24.99 and I have even seen it as low as $19.99; but either way that is so much lower than many of the other games that I use in my office that are easily $50.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy National School Counselor Week!

I would like to take a moment to wish all of the school counselors a Happy National School Counselor Week! Up here in Massachusetts we actually have a snow day today (looks like another foot on top of the 2-3 feet we got last week!), but what is everyone else doing to celebrate National School Counseling Week at your schools? Is it a big event at your school or is it something that you just mention to your fellow school counselors?

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Self-Esteem Self Portaits
I tend to run a lot of girls groups or self-esteem groups throughout the school year. I generally try to gear the groups towards the girls interest, so if they are into art, drawing or coloring I always do my Self-Portrait activity. This lesson comes from the book Girls in Real Life Situations (G.I.R.L.S.) Grades K-5 that also comes with a CD for the printables.

During this activity I tell the girls we are going to make a self-portrait, but we are not actually going to draw ourselves. Instead, we are going to draw all the things that make us who we are such as your favorite things, your interests, your personality - everything that makes you YOU! This activity generally takes 2-3 group meetings. During the first group time I brainstorm with each girl individually, although the others generally help by sharing positive attributes about each other. Once the girls have a list of things they are gong to draw I get out the colored pencils, markers and crayons and let the girls go at it!

As you can see from mine, I drew the sports logos for my local sports teams because I am a huge sports fan. I also drew the beach down at the bottom because that is where I like to spend time reading during the summer.  I drew a paint palette because I like to paint, do arts and crafts and design. I also drew a school (well attempted to at least!) and an ear for being a good listener. I drew a smiling face because I love to laugh and interact with people, a person running and some shoes. I tell the girls that I would prefer if they use as little words as possible when creating their masterpiece. 

Once the girls are done I mount their Self-Portraits on construction paper and I have them present their drawing to the other group members. I like to have them explain the background or importance of each one of their symbols or drawings.

This activity also works for boys, but I find it is usually one of the girls favorites. I have done this lesson with girls in grades 3 through 6, however it will also work for students in other grade levels.
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Office for the 2014 - 2015 School Year!

That feeling you get when your room is finally finished and ready for the first day of school is priceless! After spending many days at school getting my room set-up and catching up with other teachers around the school doing the same I am ready for the first day of school on Tuesday!

I change up the color scheme in my office every year, it sort of gives me a fresh start each year! This year I used the Black, White & Bold border collection as my theme.  Below are some pictures from my office and a bit of information if you are looking for similar items. I would love to see pictures of your offices too! Please post them on my Facebook page so everyone can get lots of inspiration!

 View from the hallway

 My Where is the Counselor sign is available on my TpT store in many different colors and both chevron and polka dot options. The kids love changing the arrow when they come and go and it is also extremely helpful so others know where I am when I am not in my office (which is often!).


As You Walk in My Office

I bought a chevron rug to add some color when you walk and and made yellow and white polka dot curtains as well! I like to keep storage ottomans in front of my desk for extra seating and storage.

 Student Table Area

 The signs on the storage cabinet are free printables students can color from Doodle Art Alley. The confidentiality sign above the whiteboard is available on my TpT store in many different colors and designs.

 Student Supply Area

 I have all sorts of supplies and items to use with students. I put most things in labeled bins so items are easily found. Some of the essentials that I keep on the top shelf are: tissues, pencil sharpener, worry stones, Find It!, Get to Know You Jenga, Totika, Mind Jars, lunch bunch essentials (Purel, Lysol wipes, forks, spoons, knives and napkins), white paper and coloring sheets and my Popsicle Sentences and What's Bugging You Jars. I also have a lot of games and activities from Super Duper and ChildWork ChildPlay. And of course I have a large bin full of different thumb balls that use in lunch bunches and small groups.

Bulletin Boards

 These 2 bulletin boards are across from the student tables. My BE Bulletin board was inspired by a fellow school counselor last year. The other is full of FREE printables from one of my favorite non-counselor blogs - Technology Rocks. Seriously.

My Desk Area

An item that I have that is a little bit different is a Scentsy warmer, it uses wax cubes and a light-bulb and it provides some yummy scents throughout the school day. All those lunch bunches and different food items can get a little smelly after awhile and it helps to just make my office more inviting!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where Is The Classroom door sign

I have created teacher versions of my 'Where is the Counselor' sign - so now they are 'Where is the Classroom' signs!! Just like school counselors teachers and their students are not always in their rooms either; sometimes they are at specials, in the cafeteria or outside learning. These classroom door signs enable teachers to let other teachers and students find their class throughout the building.
As always, if you need different locations on for your sign please just let me know ahead of time and I will create a sign for you to purchase and download from TpT.

Where is the classroom? sign

Today only TpT is having a Back to School sale, so if you enter the code BOOST at checkout you can save an additional 10%!

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