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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get To Know You Jenga

We just completed our first full week of school and I met with the new students at my school during grade level lunch bunches. I used a FREE DOWNLOAD from Rachel Lynette's Teacher's Pay Teachers page to play Get To Know You Jenga. The kids loved it and asked to play again next week.

To save a little bit of money I purchased Jumbling Tower at Wal-Mart instead of Jenga, the generic version only cost me about six dollars! Every little bit of savings helps!


I downloaded the free PDF file off of Rachel's TPT page and then printed it out. I then cut out the strips and used double sided tape to attach the strips of questions to the wooden blocks. I had a few extra question strips left over (it may have been because used the generic version of Jenga) but that was perfect because there were a couple questions that weren't 'just right' for my audience.

I set the game up ahead of time so when the students walked into my room we were able to start playing immediately after some introductions and some quick conversation.

As the students answered the different questions on the blocks they were able to share a bit about themselves in a fun and unobtrusive game setting. Not only did the kids learn about each other but I was also able to learn about the interests of my new students. It was a win win!

Please check out Rachel Lynette's Teacher's Pay Teachers page to download your own copy of Get To Know You Jenga. I have also used this game during the first week of my weekly small groups, such as friendship and social skills groups.

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  1. Welcome to the world of teacher blogging!! I am your newest follower. Rachel Lynette posted about your blog on FB and here I am!! I will now be stalking you for little tidbits of help....counseling wise in my classroom!!

    Mrs. B's Nook

  2. I'd like to try this, but doesn't the tape prevent the blocks sliding smoothly?

    1. Hi Deb - I used double sided tape when I attached the questions to the blocks. I don't feel like it prevents the blocks from slidely smoothly in and out. Hope that helps!