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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where Is The School Counselor Sign

I get a lot of my ideas from other school counselor's blogs and off of Pinterest and this was one of the first! This idea came from Danielle at (love her blog!) and I adapted it for myself.

I started with a piece of small poster board and 13 pieces of scrapbook paper: 6 glitter sheets for the circles, 6 patterns for the different sections and 1 sheet of black glitter for the dial. I created a half circle off of the poster board based on the size I needed for outside my office and then did some quick measuring to determine the size of the 6 sections. I chose: in a meeting, out of the building, visiting a class, in the main office, with students and be right back; but you can do whatever is best for you! I traced a kitchen glass for the circles with the locations listed in them. Once I had everything cut out I used spray adhesive to mount everything. I then laminated the whole design. For the dial I just drew a basic shape, cut it out and laminated that as well. To attach the dial to the design I used a brad.

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