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Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's all in a name ...

So you probably saw on Danielle Schultz's School Counselor Blog or Facebook page this week the Ecard that she made about being mistakenly called a Guidance Counselor when you are a School Counselor. It certainly would bother me because we have all worked so hard not only when we were in grad school but also now that we are in this profession helping students, teachers and families. Over the years our roles have changed and evolved to be so much more.

Now I am a School Adjustment Counselor which is a little but different than a School Counselor in Massachusetts (my masters degree is mental health counseling based and a bit lengthier than my friends with a masters in school counseling). I get mistakenly called a lot of different things from people ranging from Guidance Counselor to the one that bothers me the most - the Feelings Teacher! It has become a running joke at school between some of my colleagues because they know it bothers me so much! So I decided to make my own ecard based off of Danielle's!

What do you guys think? Is there a title you get mistakenly called at school that bothers you? Do you correct people when they misspeak or do you just let it go?


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  1. I correct people every time! My co-workers are well trained and never use the G-word, but if a speaker ever uses it, my co-workers all say "Oh oh!" and as soon as politely possible I correct the speaker. I just cringe whenever I hear the G-word. Its connotation is not good!


    1. Thank you Rebecca for sharing!
      I have been using a bit of humor lately while correcting people and I think my message is getting across. Unfortunately, I think years ago the term "Feelings Teacher" was used with the younger students in my district and it just takes time to change the terminology.

  2. I cover 3 buildings so sometimes I feel that Guidance Counselor can apply since I'm more of a behavior coach and not providing on-going counseling in the psycho-therapeutic sense.

    It does strike me wrong when I am refereed to as Miss Heather (only 1 or 2 have done so). First of all, I am married so it's Mrs.. Secondly, they would be furious if I referred to them as anything but their last name when speaking with a child.

    It's only happened a half dozen times in 7 years, but still...

    I am curious about your Michigan all school counselors have an additional endorsement on top of their Masters in Counseling so we would all be able to work in private practice as well. Is that not the case in your state? Just curious...

    Take care!

    1. We have both Guidance Counselors (haven't officially switched to School Counselor yet) and School Adjustment Counselors in Massachusetts. A Guidance Counselor in Massachusetts would get their Masters in School Counseling which is approximately a 48-51 credit masters degree depending on the school you attend and must choose either a PK-8 or 5-12 license track.

      As a School Adjustment Counselor I have a M.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling-Dual License Concentration which is a 66 credit program. I hold hold my K-12 School Adjustment Counselor license and can also hold my LMHC license (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) if I want to work in private practice.

      Below are 2 links from the college that I attended about the 2 different tracks. Bridgewater State University is a CACREP accredited program.

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog!