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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What You Say in Here Stays in Here ...

This past summer on the School Counselor Blog Danielle Schultz talked about how she decorated the walls in her school office. She had created a couple of signs that I absolutely loved and one in particular that wanted to include in my office this year. I loved the banner she created about student privacy, "What You Say in Here Stays in Here." As I mentioned in a previous post, I sort of have a theme in my office this year of polka dots and the colors pink, green and blue so I wanted to relay the same message to my students and keep with my new office decor. 

So I used Photoshop Elements once again to create my own "What You Say in Here Stays in Here" sign and printed it on as a 36"x24" poster. I then laminated the poster at my school. I hung the poster above my desk on the wall facing my office door so that as students passed my office they would always be reminded that what they say in my office remains private. 

I have posted the pdf file on my Teachers Pay Teachers page for other school counselors to utilize in their own offices as well. Or you can also purchase Danielle's version at the School Counselor Blog Store.

Do you have a sign that you absolutely must hang every year in your office? If so what is it? I would love to share it with other school counselors!!

How do you let students know about confidentiality in your office?


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