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Friday, March 8, 2013

Career Day Fair

My principal and I recently partnered with 3 eighth students from Norfolk Girl Scout Troop 3616 who attend our district's middle school and are working towards earning their Silver Award within The Girl Scouts.  To do this they needed to develop a project within their community and then make a plan to put the project into motion. The girls decided they wanted to sponsor a Career Day for the 5th and 6th grade girls at our elementary school! They even wrote a grant to a local organization within our community in order to raise funds to invest in their Career Day project.  The girls worked so hard to create this night and build interest in it; they started planning the Career Day back in October and the fruits of their labor were very evident this week ~ they did an absolutely amazing job! The girls recruited about 12 female professionals to have a booth at the Career Day Fair to talk to the 5th and 6th girls about their professions. We had a classroom teacher, special education teacher, veterinarian, orthodontist, firefighter/ paramedic, nurse, district attorney, personal trainer, speech and language pathologist, cosmetologist, insurance administrator, caterer/ personal chef, flight attendant and an architectural engineer. Each professional had a booth with visuals about their career, some hands on activities for the girls as well as great knowledge and information to pass along to our students.
Meghan P., Eliza S. and Caitlin D.,are members of Girl Scouts Torop 3616.
They worked incredibly hard to create this evening for the 5th and 6th grade girls at our school.

My role on this night was to make a brief presentation to all the girls before they started exploring the different careers. My PowerPoint presentation touched upon how the skill-sets they are learning in school are also valuable in their future career. However, for the most part I talked about what types of careers the girls may be interested in based upon their current interests in school and outside of school. I also briefly touched upon what type of education is generally required for these fields and about the different types of degrees they could receive after high school graduation.
Sample slide from my presentation at the Career Day Fair.
The entire PowerPoint presentation is available for FREE by clicking the link above.

We had a great turnout for the event and have had some wonderful feedback as well. It was so nice to see the girls interacting with the female professionals and learning about different opportunities that are out there for them when they get older. We are hoping to continue the Career Day each year and possibly offer a separate evening for boys as well in the future.
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