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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Self Esteem - Me Mobile

WOW has it been a long time since my last post!! I am really going to try and be a lot better about blogging during the school year.

I do a lot of self-esteem activities during the school year with small groups and this is one of my favorites because it also incorporates some OT skills such as cutting slightly more difficult shapes, threading yarn through a punched hole and tying knots.

The 'Me Mobile' is from Marco's Creative Small Groups for K-5 which includes a CD with reproducibles. The students each get a rainbow, 3 clouds and 4 hot air balloons. The students first color all the items while I explained the activity. I tell students that we are making a Me Mobile that they can hang up in their bedroom or be put on the refrigerator at home that tells everyone all the awesome things about them! The entire activity usually takes two 30 minute sessions; the coloring, cutting and counselor lead discussion are usually the entire first group meeting time. During the second meeting time students will respond to a question/prompt on each cloud and hot air balloon. The questions/prompts are things like what is a word or phrase your teacher would describe you as or what do you like to do for fun at home. The lesson plan in the Creative Small Groups for K-5 is very easy to follow! Once the students have responded to all 7 questions/prompts I have the students start threading yarn through the holes (I make them with a hole punch) and tie a knot at the rainbow. The final product of one that I created with students is below. 

This activity is great for students in 2nd and 3rd grade but can be done with younger and older students as well depending on your needs.

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