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Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Office for the 2014 - 2015 School Year!

That feeling you get when your room is finally finished and ready for the first day of school is priceless! After spending many days at school getting my room set-up and catching up with other teachers around the school doing the same I am ready for the first day of school on Tuesday!

I change up the color scheme in my office every year, it sort of gives me a fresh start each year! This year I used the Black, White & Bold border collection as my theme.  Below are some pictures from my office and a bit of information if you are looking for similar items. I would love to see pictures of your offices too! Please post them on my Facebook page so everyone can get lots of inspiration!

 View from the hallway

 My Where is the Counselor sign is available on my TpT store in many different colors and both chevron and polka dot options. The kids love changing the arrow when they come and go and it is also extremely helpful so others know where I am when I am not in my office (which is often!).


As You Walk in My Office

I bought a chevron rug to add some color when you walk and and made yellow and white polka dot curtains as well! I like to keep storage ottomans in front of my desk for extra seating and storage.

 Student Table Area

 The signs on the storage cabinet are free printables students can color from Doodle Art Alley. The confidentiality sign above the whiteboard is available on my TpT store in many different colors and designs.

 Student Supply Area

 I have all sorts of supplies and items to use with students. I put most things in labeled bins so items are easily found. Some of the essentials that I keep on the top shelf are: tissues, pencil sharpener, worry stones, Find It!, Get to Know You Jenga, Totika, Mind Jars, lunch bunch essentials (Purel, Lysol wipes, forks, spoons, knives and napkins), white paper and coloring sheets and my Popsicle Sentences and What's Bugging You Jars. I also have a lot of games and activities from Super Duper and ChildWork ChildPlay. And of course I have a large bin full of different thumb balls that use in lunch bunches and small groups.

Bulletin Boards

 These 2 bulletin boards are across from the student tables. My BE Bulletin board was inspired by a fellow school counselor last year. The other is full of FREE printables from one of my favorite non-counselor blogs - Technology Rocks. Seriously.

My Desk Area

An item that I have that is a little bit different is a Scentsy warmer, it uses wax cubes and a light-bulb and it provides some yummy scents throughout the school day. All those lunch bunches and different food items can get a little smelly after awhile and it helps to just make my office more inviting!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where Is The Classroom door sign

I have created teacher versions of my 'Where is the Counselor' sign - so now they are 'Where is the Classroom' signs!! Just like school counselors teachers and their students are not always in their rooms either; sometimes they are at specials, in the cafeteria or outside learning. These classroom door signs enable teachers to let other teachers and students find their class throughout the building.
As always, if you need different locations on for your sign please just let me know ahead of time and I will create a sign for you to purchase and download from TpT.

Where is the classroom? sign

Today only TpT is having a Back to School sale, so if you enter the code BOOST at checkout you can save an additional 10%!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Counseling in Session

I created some 8.5" x 11" signs that say "Counseling In Session" that you can hang on your door to let students and staff know when you are not available. The signs are only $2.00 on my Teachers pay Teachers store. I suggest laminating it after printing so it lasts for many years.
I created them to go with many of the colors schemes already available on TpT, but as always if you need something specific for your office, just let me know and I will create something for you!

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