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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Board Games ... Part 2

I pulled out this game last week during the first week of summer school because it is one of my 'go to' board games with kids for social skills. It is called What Do You Say ... What Do You Do ... At School? by Super Duper and I used it with a group that ranged from students entering grades 1 through 6 (talk about a white range!!).  They also have a Community version which I use with my students as well, but I definitely use the school version more often! There is also a Home version but I haven't used it before.

During the game, the students roll the colored die to go through all the different areas of school. There are classrooms, a lunchroom, school offices (including nurse and counseling offices), specials (art, gym, music, computers, library and resource room) as well as around school locations like the hallway, auditorium, bus/walker lines and of course the playground! 

Students will go to the school locations and answer a question related to where they are in  school and earn a colored chip when the answer the questions cards correctly. The goal is to collect all of the colors to win the game, the tricky part is students may roll on a color more than once so they may end up going to a school location more than once. This helps students deal with not always winning and to be flexible when things don't go their way. I like this game because of the variety of questions (390 to be exact!) that are actually realistic scenarios that students actually encounter in their daily lives. In addition, the kids really enjoy choosing which location to go to (believe me the love to go to the bathroom and answer those questions!)

The price of the game is $54.95 from the Super Duper. Although this may seem expensive at first, I do think it is the going price for quality counseling games and I personally think this one is worth the money because you will use it often.

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