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Monday, August 3, 2015


So this summer I had 2 groups of boys entering Kindergarten through 1st grade at summer camp/school. I try to keep it fun over the summer with the different groups! We did an entire unit related to MONSTERS with different activities that I found. The first activity went great with the students and it was FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers seller Growing-Kinders. The activity is called Monster Fun! Teaching Manners and Expectations and the kids absolutely loved it!

I broke the activities up over a few days. The first day I had the kids sort out together if the monster manners were Above the Line, Below the Line or Bottom Line choices and each kid would bring one up to my intern who acted as Vanna White to pin them up. The kids wanted to come up with some of their own to so I used the blank monsters that were provided to add even more to our Monster Manners collection! We also did the Whole Body Listening activity one day that was also provided and the students then drew their own monster Making a Good Choices at School. Like I said, the kids LOVED all the monster activities!

Another day we played the game Angry Monster Machine. The kids (sometimes with adult help) used play-doh to make a monster with the mold from the game. They then had to demonstrate different ways to handle their anger by following a prompt and demonstrating by turning their play-doh monster into something else. For instance, turning your monster into a musical instrument because turning on some music is a strategy for calming yourself down when angry.

Finally, we ended our monster theme by reading Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley together. One group made different monster masks with a paper plate craft I found on, they could choose from all the different monsters (glad, sad, mad, silly, scary, loving and worried). This was a really cute activity and the kids loved it, but it was a lot of cutting out of intricate shapes so I only ended up doing it with one of the two groups.

With the other group I did a slightly different activity, also found on We used the coloring pages and each student picked a different monster and colored them. Some students wanted to use the exact colors of the monster from Glad Monster, Sad Monster while others wanted to make their monster uniquely their own creation. Either way the kids loved the monster activities! One boy even asked me today if we were doing more monster activities, even though we finished up 2 weeks ago!!

It is amazing all the different resources you can find online if you just spend a little time searching! Thanks everyone for sharing all the great ideas and resources!
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  1. Awesome ideas!! Can't wait to check out those resources. :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I hope you find the activities as enjoyable and beneficial as I did. I would love to hear back from you after you try them out!