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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Under the Sea Me Mobile

Another activity that I did this past summer with one of my groups of boys entering second through third grade was a self-esteem activity based off of a previous lesson that I blogged about last year (Self-Esteem Me Mobiles). I wanted to tweak the activity to be a little more 'boy friendly' as well as incorporate a little summer flare to it as well. So I chose to use a wave and sea animals instead of the clouds, hot air balloons and rainbows in the original version. I just googled different animal images (sea turtle, jelly fish, whale, dolphin, sea horse, star fish, crab and nemo clown fish) on google images with the settings of drawing and kids to find all of these images (sea turtle example). The ocean wave I drew myself based off of a colored version I found online that I really liked, but you could easily just find a black and white coloring version to use too! Some kids could do all the cutting on their own, others needed some help and one or two needed a lot more assistance with the cutting as some of the animals were quite intricate with lots of legs! I had a slightly diverse group of kids abilities, but you can easily base your chosen sea animals based off of the skill level of your kids if you want them to be able to do all the cutting themselves.

As for the words that are written on each animal I followed the same questions as I used previously however, I also added a couple extras such as name something you are really good at and name your favorite game or activity.

The boys seemed to really enjoy the activity and were really excited to bring home their finished products!

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