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Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Office for the 2015-2016 School Year

The school year is officially underway even though this week will be our first 5 day week! I always like to re-do my office every year with different colors because it helps me start each year off on a fresh start. This year I was inspired by some chalkboard borders that I saw and then I just went with it. I had to figure out how to make a chalkboard look in Photoshop for the different items around my office, so it was nice to learn something new too!

I have 2 bulletin boards in my room that you see right when you walk in the door. I love that I can put some great information up there for students to see and add some color to my office at the same time! I use fabric to back my bulletin boards each year instead of paper.

U R Bulletin Board is available on my TpT store for only $3. Just print the 5 signs in color and the words are all printed in black ink on colored paper. I laminate all my items so they last.

These are all signs that are from Technology Rocks Seriously. They were on white background originally but I used my new chalkboard skills on Photoshop to keep with my theme. I like how it makes them pop!

This is my Where is the Counselor Sign for this year. This item is also available on my TpT store. I put this sign on my door every year so staff and students know where they can find me. Sometimes I forget to change it, but the kids are so good about changing it! If I am sitting in my office they will joke and say "you aren't visiting a classroom anymore!" 

View from the doorway. The storage cubes are from Target when the have their back to school/college items. I always pick them up once they go on clearance, just bought one this weekend for $11! The rug is from Wal-Mart.

I love this saying! Character: It's how you live life when no one is looking. I also make the curtains for my office every year.

 This is the student area in my office. I have such a hard time picking which posters to use each year, there are so many great ones out there!

Above the whiteboard I post my confidentiality sign every year, it serves as a friendly reminder to students that what they say in here is private unless they are stating they are going to hurt themselves or someone else.

A closer look at the bin labels on my book shelves. Not only does it help the students locate different items but it helps keep everything neat and organized! The bin labels are also available on my TpT store.

Another view of the same area. My cabinet has The Top 10 Essentials on it this year. Just another great way to pass along tips to the kids, they love looking around and use the signs and posters to help them describe and discuss.
I use borders around my whiteboard and other large posters in my room to help them stand out. 

This is my desk area, this is the cleanest it will ever be! :)

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