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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Create Your Own Thumb Balls!

I love using thumb balls during lunch bunches and sometimes students even pick them up during individual sessions while we are talking and use them to fidget with or pick questions they want to answer. This past summer the students in our summer program created their own Thumb Balls during our last week to take home with them to use with their families. I wanted to create Thumb Balls that would help encourage conversation skills so I laid out a bunch of conversation starter questions for the students to choose from. We read all the options to the students and let them choose the 6 they wanted to write on their personal thumb ball.  

As you can see the Thumb Balls are actually clearance beach balls from the end of the summer, so they only cost about 75 cents each!

Once all the beach balls had been written on we practiced a round of Thumb Ball with each one of the student's personalized ball so they got to see the game in action one more time and it also had more meaning to them when it was their own questions! It was a simple activity and the students got to take it home with them too, which always creates more excitement with the little ones.
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