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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Anti-Bullying & Friendship Paired Lessons

In my school district we use the MARC Anti-Bullying Curriculum that was created by Dr. Elizabeth Englander. I have been lucky enough to attend many trainings with her over the years and we have even been so fortunate to have her speak to parents at our school. As part of the curriculum the 5th graders complete paired lessons with the kindergarteners and the 4th graders complete a paired lesson with the 1st graders. These lessons are supposed to happen 3 times a year but because those grade levels are not in the same building in my school district we have been doing the lessons once per a year and all the students really look forward to them each spring and enjoy their time with their younger or older buddy. This year the 5th grade and kindergarten teachers committed to adding a second lesson into the school year this fall! So myself and my fellow (AWESOME) School Adjustment Counselor at the lower elementary school, Carolyn Kelley, worked together to create a paired lesson that was based mainly on friendship skills for the kindergarteners with a little bit of anti-bullying built in. The 5th grade students read one of two books we had purchased to their younger buddy, Lucy and the Bully by Claire Alexander or Don't Call Me Pruneface by Janet Reed Ahern.

After the students read the books together and completed some comprehension questions about the books together we then had a few other fun activities planned for them to work on together. Next, we had each 5th grade and kindergarten pairing work on a Friendship Writing Prompt together. The students really enjoyed this part! Some of the 5th graders even worked on their own as well! The plan is to make a book for each kindergarten class of all their friendship drawings and writings. We found the Friendship Writing Prompt for FREE on TPT!
Thank you Katie Boyd on TPT for this FREE download, it worked wonderfully!
Finally, we had the students work on 2 activities from Spectacular Guidance Activities for Kids. I was lucky enough that Youth Light to send me this resource over the summer and it definitely came in very handy while planning this new MARC Paired Lesson.

The students worked on 2 handouts out of this great resource, the first was "What Do I Say" in which they had to come up with 6 conversation starters they could use when talking to a friend or classmate to help create a good repertoire of conversation questions and statements. This was great because the kids got to color and expand their thinking a little bit about how to start up or maintain a conversation with friends and classmates. Lastly, the students worked on a fun maze "Roadblocks to Friendship" in which the students had to figure out if the posed responses in the friendship situations was helpful or unhelpful to to encourage positive connections with classmates and friends.  An example the Kindergarteners had to choose from was 'Talks Too Much' or 'Good Listener' before moving onto the next roadblock.

It was such a wonderful day with the 5th graders and the kindergartners working together. I can't wait to pair everyone up again in the Spring! Pin It

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  1. This is such a great post. I am so glad to read this. I think all these moral values should be given to the kids in early childhood. In my Phoenix kindergarten class I always make sure that the kiddos get moral ethics and knowledge about good behaviour.