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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Can't Imagine Life Without ...

I was trying to find a fun get to know you activity for the first day of our summer camp here at school and was lucky enough to stumble across Jenna Smith's blog Musings from the Middle School. She had a writing activity that I easily was able to make into a fun and low key get to know you activity. I drew a cloud like shape in the middle and then rays out from it. In each ray the students (and staff because it was so much fun) wrote or drew the things in life that they can't imagine living with out. It was a great way to see what each kid (and staff member) loves and is important to them.

We then pinned each group's artwork up on my bulletin board and the kids took turns guessing whose was whose based on what they already knew about each other. I then had the kids tell us a little more about what they wrote or drew about.

One suggestion I learned along the way of doing this though is I would have the kids first write their ideas in pencil and then go over them in marker. I originally just used marker but one or two students got frustrated when they made a mistake and couldn't change it.
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  1. Do you have a template for the cloud and rays that I can download? This way they are all the same :)

    1. I found this at the end of last school year and had my students do this activity. I created a document and printed a copy for each student. I would be happy to send you a copy if you give me your email address.

    2. Hi Ashley, Would you be willing to send me your template? I would love to do this for the first week of school.

  2. Hi Micki - I am sorry I don't have a template, I just drew one and photocopied it so they were all the same.

  3. I created my own using google drawing. Great idea!