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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Animal Prints!

So yesterday I noticed that was having their huge 50% off sale, this is when I order my What You Say In Here, Stays In Here banner each year. Therefore, I needed to get working on creating my banner and other items! My theme for the upcoming school year is Zebra Print and Polka Dots from Teacher Created Resources.

I found an amazing artist, PrettyGrafik, that had some great animal print graphics that I could use with my polka dots.  So far I have made my What You Say in Here, Stays in Here confidentiality banner and my Where is the Counselor? door sign. The zebra prints are totally out of my comfort zone, but I think I am liking them so far! 

This week I will be working on the rest of my items - bin labels, binder covers, etc. and will post all of them on TpT once they are done. TpT also came out with a cool new 'Custom Category' option so last night I sat down and categorized all my products to make it much more user friendly!

I then went to town with all of the other animal prints I now had at my disposal thanks to PrettyGrafik and made this cool animal print Where is the Classroom sign for one of my co-workers!

 Hope everyone is having a great summer!
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